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Who is Shattered Dawn?

by Waltraud, 1164 days ago

You will need to Apply to the Guild website, in order to post in the Guild Forums.

Note: This website is used mostly for guild applications and archival reference. For day-to-day communication, our guild tends to use Discord and our Facebook group more frequently than this website.


...And so Kil'jaeden The Deceiver fell, and Azeroth dares to hope once more. But the Burning Legion has not yet been stopped! We have taken the fight to Argus, and now we dare to assault Antorus, the Burning Throne itself, where Aggramar and even Argus the Unmaker shall be made to suffer for eons of their crimes against life itself! We are the Shattered Dawn! We are the Shattered Abyss! Azeroth is our word! And it is we who defend it! We will shatter Sargeras' crusade and bring hope and life to the cosmos! To arms! To victory!

About our guild and our players:

  • Realms:  Bloodhoof and Duskwood
  • Shattered Dawn is a long-established Alliance guild with many active players.
  • Shattered Abyss is our sister guild on the Horde side.
  • Our players are mostly mature adults (*cough*), and young adults.
  • Many players have been with SD for years, and enjoy long term online friendships within the guild. Several guildies feel like SD is their "online family."
  • We have many married couples who love to adventure through Azeroth together.
  • We use Discord for voice chat, and many of our players hang out there frequently whether in-game or not.
  • We have a closed Facebook group (guild members only) so that we can stay in touch outside of the game.
  • Our guild mostly does PvE content (raids and dungeons). A few of our players also enjoy PvP, but our guild activities are not focused on PvP.

Our #1 policy is that we all keep it respectful and courteous at all times, on *all* chat channels!

The reason for this is to keep our gaming community fun, and foster this guild as an *online home* where we can enjoy each other's company for years to come, including our spouses and real-life friends!  As fair notice, we do remove people from the guild who do not follow this policy. If you habitually swear and cuss, or struggle to keep a friendly attitude and use good manners at all times, then Shattered Dawn will not be a good fit for you. 

About our guild raids:

  • Our raiding style is "semi-hardcore," meaning that we raid to be successful and for progression, but at the same time we keep it friendly, patient and fun.
  • Raids are Fri & Sat from 7:30pm to 11pm US Eastern Time.
  • Expectations are that raiders will be reliable, on-time, prepared, and know their class and role.
  • We make a serious effort to overcome new content, at a pace that works best for us.  Meaning, this is our game-time, down-time, and stress-relief outlet, so we don't treat raiding like a job.
  • Mythic raiding *is not our goal* - we have real lives, families and jobs that take priority over raiding. That said, a few of our raiders do Mythic on the side, while keeping raiding with our guild as their top priority.
  • We are *not elitist*, and players who are will probably not enjoy raiding with us for long.
  • All roles, class, specs may apply.
  • Currently we need DPS.  Any DPS with a tank or heals off-spec would be ideal.
  • We are currently raiding Antorus, the Burning Throne, with alt / fun runs of Heroic Tomb of Sargeras and other content.


The next time you're online, please use this command to see who else is on, and ask any questions you may have:

Alliance ---->   /who Shattered Dawn
Horde    ---->   /who Shattered Abyss 

Looking forward to meeting you in game!


Please read the Guild Ranks, Requirements & Responsibilities topic in the Forums, under the Member Discussion category.


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